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Court of Honor

A dispirited boy scout turns to time travel in an attempt to win his father’s approval.

Directed by Yoni Azulay
Written by Alex Gehrlein
Produced by Zach Rineer and Yoni Azulay


Collin Linnville as Mark Murray
Nathan Vincenti as Craig
Tommy Yanes as Dale
Christopher Reilly as Hank Murray
Lawrence Trailer as Scoutmaster Barry
Jack Gacek as Scout #1/ Dershowitz
Gio Cerisier as Scout #2

Scout Extras

Peter Wright
Dawson Keiser
Ethan Langenau
Alex Gehrlein
Jarred Grabois
Jordan Foster

Family Extras

Kevin McBride
Mike Kennedy
Andrea Goldner
Linda Macera
David Hares
Paula Hares
Orna Azulay
Yuval Azulay
Tamar Azulay
Kayla DeStephanis
Mary Gillen
Sima Mizachy

First Assistant Director - Zach Rineer
Second Assistant Director - Cami Olses
Script Supervisor - Mike Macera

Production Design - Mehula Singh
Technical Design - Milan Adhikari
Costume Design - Aline McEntee

Director of Photography - Evan Miller
1st Assistant Camera - Adam McAlonie
2nd Assistant Camera - Katie Harkins

Gaffer - Ethan Langenau
Key Grip - Dawson Keiser

On-Set Sound Mix - Zack Field

Edited by Yoni Azulay

Sound Design by Ross Aronow


Fundy by REW
Maculele by Maite Inae
Winds of Reykjavik by Spearfisher
My World by Jasmine J. Walker

Courtesy of

Special Thanks

Jeff Ayars
Bob Anderson
Tamar Azulay
Orna & Yuval Azulay
Ralph Rapino
Casey Peterman
Peter Wright
Liam Wright
Wyatt Wittney
Andrew Berchick
Habib Azar


Nathan Vincenti_edited.jpg

Nathan Vincenti

Sidney RoseAnn White.JPG

Collin Linnville

Ines Høysæter.JPG

Tommy Yanes


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