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No Dye

A Staten Island couple contemplates a last-ditch effort to make their dreams come true.

Directed by Yoni Azulay
Written by Alex Gehrlein
Produced by Yoni Azulay and Zach Rineer
Co-Produced by Jeff Ayars


Jeff Ayars as Pat
Dana Berger as Kit
Geraldine Singer as Margot/Bank Teller

1st Assistant Camera - Katie Harkins
2nd Assistant Camera - Adam McAlonie
Camera Operator - Sam Stephan
1st Assistant Director - Zach Rineer
On-Set Sound Mix - Rhea Li
Covid Compliance Officer - Hunter Jones

Locations Manager - Don Shapira
Catering - Paul Cavalcante

Edited by Yoni Azulay
Sound Design by Chris Murphy

Poster by Meghan Cavanaugh

Music by
Tomas Herudek


Nathan Vincenti_edited.jpg

Dana Meryl Berger

Sidney RoseAnn White.JPG

Jeff Ayars

Ines Høysæter.JPG

Geraldine Singer


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